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Top Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Team Announces LIVE Daily Prospecting Calls and Nightly Team Training:

Lead Net Pro (now \In this brief article we’ll review what Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) offers to their members in the form of calls, presentations and webinars. You’ll also learn about our exclusive team training webinars and daily prospecting calls held for members of the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Mastermind group.

Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) hosts weekly training webinars exclusive to their members. In these training webinars you’ll learn about various ways to use your Lead net pro software and a few strategies that other Lead Net pro members are using to either generate leads, or resell the product.

Is The Weekly Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Webinar of Great Value to Their Members?

Many would argue that the weekly live lead net pro “members training” webinars are simply just not enough to help their users. Many marketing strategies are discussed however, with hundreds to thousands of members in attendance, these strategies are often over saturated the very next day as many members are “Copying” exactly what was taught in the training webinar the night before. This often leads to upset prospects receiving the same voice broadcast or e-mail campaign from hundreds of Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) members. It’s very possible that you may be a victim of receiving these calls or e-mails yourself.

What Have We Done To Combat The Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) “Copy-Cat” Problem?

Lead net pro news webinarSimple… well, I shouldn’t say that “simple”. However, we did find a solution. If you have visited theleadnetproreview.com you’ll find that we (the lead net pro mastermind group) likes to automate our marketing by leveraging the power of the Internet, making the most of our time and efforts. Although very powerful, Internet marketing comes with a slight learning curve. For the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) mastermind group to take full advantage of the compensation plan, it is our best interest to ensure their teammates are in profit as quickly as possible.

To help our Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) teammates get into profit as quickly as possible, we now hold LIVE Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Webinars, and presentations – twice daily, at 2:PM and 6:PM Eastern. These presentations are mainly there to explain the software to your prospects. In other words… all the selling, telling and explaining is done for you. This is important, especially when first getting started as you might not fully understand the software and it’s capabilities. These presentations will allow your prospects to get all their questioned answered, while you continue to run your business. If you haven’t gotten on a call yet, be sure to jump on a Team Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Webinar by reviewing the call schedule below:

Lead Net Pro (now \

Exclusive Nightly Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Team Training:

In addition to the twice daily prospecting calls, the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) mastermind group also holds exclusive team training at 8:PM Eastern – Monday thru Friday. These trainings are all about thinking outside the box and deviate a bit from the generic once weekly Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) members training. In these trainings, we discuss various ways of marketing your Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) business and how to bring in those all-important sales within your first days. One of our main goals in the 8:PM training call is to teach our teammates how to send at least 10 to 30 prospects to the team daily prospecting call, the very next day. There, our “Team Presenters” will do the selling and telling for you, and have your prospects get back in touch with you immediately after the webinar to purchase the product from you. You simply send them to the call, and answer any final questions before they get moving, giving you the true potential of immediate sales within your first days.

To view of sample pre-recorded Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) webinar presentation simply click the button below:


As a member of the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Mastermind Group, you’ll also have a link to this same presentation to send to your prospects. This Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Webinar will be linked to your account so that you’ll get the credit for the sale when someone makes a purchase. It can’t get any better than that 🙂

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