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Lead Net Pro (now \Upon doing your research, I’m sure you’ve discovered the cost to get started with Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) . However, you may be asking – what are the additional expenses involved? Surely there’s got to be marketing costs, hosting costs, domain costs, and a variety of other things that could end up costing you a pretty penny when getting involved with Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) … Right? Let’s take a closer look at these questions and get the real insider facts on all of your lead net pro costs and expenses.

First, let’s get in the right mindset of an entrepreneur here. As a successful marketer, when I evaluate an opportunity, I look at a couple things:

  1. Timing
  2. Product – Is there a need for what the company is supplying?
  3. What is the income potential for my teammates and I?

Take a close look at #3. Did you notice how this phrase asks the question of “How much Can I earn” rather than how much does it costs? Now, sure … costs are always a concern, but if the income potential outweighs the cost, well … there’s simply no question. More on this later.

Lead Net Pro (now \Timing – Competitive products inferior to Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) have been on the market place for over 6 years. (I am thinking of 1 specifically right now :). To this day, I speak with people who are still marketing these products and they are consistently bringing in a 5 figure monthly income. Although, they did let me know that when lead net pro was introduced to the market place, they felt the heat. With Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) in its early stages (born in October of 2010), the timing simply couldn’t be better. The product is hot, and it is being bought up by entrepreneurs quickly. Wouldn’t it only make sense for them to purchase this product from you?

Now, let’s ask the question – why are marketers continually able to produce huge results (and incomes) with lead generation software and products? Well, that brings us to #2…The product.
You see, Everyone in every business needs leads. They simply need more clients, to bring in more cash for their business. Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) simply dominates the marketplace when it comes to lead generation. And, the possibilities you have when it comes to marketing your business with Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) are endless.
OK, now that we covered Entrepreneur Mindset, let’s get into the costs. (Yeah, I can get off on a tangent sometimes : )

Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Costs and Expenses

As you know, the cost to get started in Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) is a 1 time $397. $97 goes to admin and the distributer (you) receive a whopping $300 paid straight to your merchant account (i.e. paypal or alertpay). And yes, merchant accounts like paypal and alertpay are free. You are also responsible for a $19.97 monthly charge that includes hosting, a replicated Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) site, frequent updates to your software, and company-wide training. That cost is well worth it.

Visit the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Compensation Plan Tab to Learn More about Commission Structure

What other costs / expenses are involved with Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) ?

Lead Net Pro (now \Until recently, you also had to purchase a hosting account to get your software up and running. Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) now provides free hosting to their members. Although this is great for many, being on Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) ‘s host, can slow your software down. Personally, I still recommend getting a hosting account. This usually runs in the $5 to $7 a month range. Hosting is not absolutely necessary but I highly recommend it, especially if you plan to do some internet marketing. Internet marketing can be extremely effective and I teach this extensively to our team as seen on the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Bonus page.

You’re also going to want to pick up a domain name to host your software on. You can find good domain names anywhere from $1 to $12 and again, I teach our team which domain names to choose in my exclusive Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Team Training site.

Lastly, although not necessary, you may also want to expand your business in the future and start to automate it by using an Autoresponder. You can get started with an autoresponder for $1 and it usually runs about $17 per month. Is it worth it? Personally, about 80% of my sales come from my autoresponder. So, yeah … I’d say so : )

In closing, I’d like to

state that whether your planning on marketing Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) , a network marketing company, a traditional business, or anything online, there are 3 things that I say you must always have:

  1. A Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. An Autoresponder

You can get started with all 3 for under $20 and they will complete your business… That is, if you know how to use them properly.
To learn more about how to properly market your Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) business and what the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Mastermind Training group can do for you, simply opt in below:

To Your Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Success,

Jon Mroz Lead Net Pro (now \

Effective Sales Leads

Jon Mroz

Lead Net Pro (now \

PS… What mindset are you in?

“What does Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Cost” or “How Much Can Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Make Me”?

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