Lead Net Pro (ALT) Comp Plan…

Has The Potential To Earn You Insane Amounts Of Money

Not only does Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) enable you to generate thousands of targeted leads on a daily basis, and provide you with an All-In-One Software to market to these leads, but you can now resell the software for VERY Generous Profits:

Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) 1 Up Compensation Plan Overview Video


The 1 Up Compensation Plan Out Performs ANY Online Commission Structure Known to Mankind!

It Blows the Socks off of 2 X 2 matrices, ALL Matrices, Binaries, Uni-level Breakaways, Reverse Funnel Systems, and Automatic Online Builders.

Here’s Why:

You simply pass up 1 sale PERIOD.
(This is where the Magic Happens – Explained Below)

You make $300 on Every Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) sale

(After you are qualified by referring your first sale to your referrer)

You simply give up your 1st sale to become qualified. Then, ALL sales stay with you!

Key Point: The key is to remember that after you are qualified, not only does the $300 go to YOU, but so does the person that you referred. So, you also get their 1st sale and the next persons 1st sale and the next persons 1st sale… to infinity!

See The Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Comp Plan Diagram Below:


Lead Net Pro (now \Let’s look at some low numbers and say you bring in 50 people:
1 goes to your sponsor and 49 stay with you.

49 People x $300 = $14,700.00
But don’t forget that all 49 of those people now owe you their first sale – Add $14,700.00
So, by you simply referring 50 people you have now made …


And then those owe you their first sale … and on and on to Infinity. Obviously this is a perfect world scenario but considering the power of Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) , these numbers are VERY LOW when you take in to mind what it is capable of and put it to good use.

Everyone Gives Up One

This process of Qualifiers Keeps Rolling Up to You to Infinity!

Along with your automatic affiliation, you also receive your very own personalized sales presentation allowing you to refer others to LeadNetPro’s software and services.

This personalized sales presentation includes landing page options with automated follow-up and personalized videos, your own personalized replicated website, a personalized LeadNetPro report with your contact information and a presentation overview system allowing you to resell LeadNetPro’s software and services with virtually minimum effort.


Lead Net Pro (now \

If you think you just saw EXTREME VALUE Just wait till you see what lies on the following page.

The True Power of This Software and The real bonuses come into play when partnered up with the fastest growing, most innovative marketers in the company. With complete training, step-by-step video tutorials, custom capture pages, personally branded web site creation tutorials, marketing campaigns and a strong team of leaders in place, you are simply destined for success. The Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Mentors Team could to be the difference between reaching those 5 figure months, or simply being an affiliate of Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) .



Yours in True Success,


Jon Mroz

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