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Lead Net Pro Review

Can the Lead Net Pro Software really help you in your marketing efforts?

Let’s get a complete Lead Net Pro Review and really discover if this marketing system is right for you.

lead net pro competitionOnline marketers are facing more and more competition on a daily basis. With the economy in shambles, people have been searching for a way to generate an extra income, and with the job market at an all time low, the Internet is becoming more and more appealing.

Marketing online has

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proven to be extremely profitable for some, and extremely draining for others.

What separates the successful from failures is often the ability to generate highly targeted leads, and then convert those leads into sales.

There’s two pieces of the puzzle here:

  • Traffic
  • Conversion

Some are great at generating traffic, but just can’t seem to get their traffic to convert. Others are great at selling, but just can’t get their offer in front of the right type of prospect (traffic).

Using tools and systems (such as Lead Net Pro) can be extremely helpful when it comes to marketing your business… but that is all this software is – a marketing tool. You still need to understand marketing if you want to bring in those commissions.

So, what is Lead Net Pro?

Lead Net Pro is a marketing tool that automates the process of generating highly targeted leads. It extracts data from the Internet such as names and email addresses related to targeted keywords that you enter into the software.

lead net pro dataNow, how you go about using this data is a science in itself.

This is where the Lead Net Pro Training and Bonuses come into play.

Anyone can type in untargeted keywords into Lead Net Pro and get a TON of email addresses and phone number for you to blast your offer out to them… but wouldn’t you call this spam? I sure would.

What if you could target specific keywords related to your target market? When approaching your market this way, you know that your reader, and or prospect already has an interest in what you have to offer. It then comes down to creating the relationship and providing value to your client. It is not until you have achieved this, that the data extracted from Lead Net Pro turns into a lead, and when put into a professionally crafted sales funnel, the lead turns into a sale.

Traffic and conversion.

To learn more about how we generate thousands of leads daily and convert those leads into sales for our business be sure to get a review of our Lead Net Pro Training and Bonus Package.

Yours In Mastery,

Jon Mroz Lead Net Pro

Effective Sales Leads

Jon Mroz

Lead Net Pro Costs - Join NowFor more information on lead net pro be sure to navigate the tabs above or click the icon above.

Empower Network and Lead Net Pro

Empower NetworkWhat is Empower Network, and Can It Be Used to Help Market Your Lead Net Pro Business?

After seeing first-hand the struggles that people face online for years, I realized that systems and technology (although very powerful), can be a nightmare for some.

It was then that I started to create capture page systems, pages, reports, sales presentations and training that would help our teammates progress with their Lead Net Pro business. With effort, many teammates have gone on to master these tools and build solid incomes. However, having your own personal web presence online can be the difference between earning those “average” commissions, and earning multiple 5 figures monthly.

You see, it wasn’t until I was able to get a personal website online (much like the one that you are reading this on now) that I was able to get my ‘personal’ message out to the masses. Having that personal touch that enables you to connect with your prospect on a personal level is invaluable.

There are several ways that you can go about doing this. You can:

  • Build a blog or website (like this one)Empower Network Review
  • Create Videos
  • Create Articles
  • Create Facebook fan pages, and market on social networks
  • And many other ways

The problem comes in when you add the technical challenges and the hefty learning curve that comes along with them. Sure, I have training that teaches you how to do all of these things within our personal Lead Net Pro team training site, and systems that do away with a lot of these issues. However, with advances in technology, there is now a much simpler solution.

Empower Network

Empower Network is an ‘Authority’ viral blogging platform that removes all the technical challenges people pace when trying to market their Lead Net Pro business (or any business for that matter) online. As a member of Empower Network, you are instantly set up with a website, or blog the moment you join. No need to know about hosting, domains, autoresponders, capture pages, or anything technical for that matter.

It is literally the solution for many struggling marketers, as I have seen peoples businesses change almost overnight using the Empower Network marketing system.

Add to that, the ability to earn 100% commissions, and you can get your Empower Network system FREE, by just letting 1 other person know about it.

After testing the Empower Network and implementing it into my business, I can easily say that it will be a vital tool to my marketing arsenal, and I would recommend it to anyone who takes their Lead Net Pro business seriously.

In Mastery,


Jon Mroz

Empower Network

To learn more about the Empower Network and to see if it is a right fit for your Lead Net Pro business, get a complete Empower Network Review by visiting Empower Network.

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Lead Net Pro Complaints?

Lead Net Pro complaintsWhen someone is researching a company a few questions usually come to mind as they are doing their research. Some of these questions include but are not limited to:

  • Product – Does the company have what people want, and need?
  • Advertising – Is this a company that can be promoted online Or OFFLINE, easily, and without heavy competition?
  • Stability – Is this just another “here today, gone tomorrow” opportunity?
  • Retention – can your teammates profit and gain advantages from their upline or downline and what will the effects be if they drop out?
  • Complaints – Does the company have a good reputation and do they follow thru with what they say they’re going to do.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what I found in my Lead Net Pro Review.

The tabs at the top of this page discuss product, advertising, stability, and retention. You’ll find all the info you need on those topics there, but you more than likely reached this post because you wanted to know about the company’s reputation and whether or Lead Net Pro receives a lot of complaints… correct? So, let’s get into it.

Why Would Someone File a Complaint With Lead Net Pro?

Lead Net Pro StaffAs for getting your checks on time, the company not following thru on their behalf, or you not receiving any help with your business… I must say that these topics are not even up for discussion. I have been a member of Lead Net Pro since November of 2010 and not once have I, or anyone on my team (and I have a very large team) ever needed to file a complaint for these reasons. You see, this is YOUR business and when people join you, you are instantly paid thru your payment processor. Your portion of the commissions never go thru the company. Lead Net Pro also has weekly training webinars every Thursday to help you with your business, and they have a great support staff that is always willing to help by simply submitting a ticket in your back office.

So, what other reason would there be to file a complaint with Lead Net Pro?

Lead Net Pro is pretty straight forward in the sense that you have an opportunity to grab this software for $397 to generate endless leads for life. However, when joining Lead Net Pro, many people do not think about how they will market their primary business outside of the software capabilities until it’s too late. They jump in head first with the full intention of telling all their friends and family, and when not all of them join, they’re the first to file a complaint, and say that it’s not working for them. Here’s the thing… I’ve been around the industry a little while and I have come to an understanding that not everyone has an entrepreneurial mindset. To be blunt, many people are best suited for a (I always cringe when I say the word) J.O.B. (Just Over Broke : )

All too often, this leads to complaints with Lead Net Pro… and for that matter – any business that requires marketing online.

The Simple Solution To Never Needing to File a Complaint with Lead Net Pro:

Work The Business.

starting-a-Lead-Net-Pro-home-businessYup, it really just comes down to taking action and applying proven Lead Net Pro Training and Systems that are provided to you from your team leaders. You see, there are an endless # of people (especially in today’s economy) that are looking to start their own home business, and want to join an opportunity that enables them to generate leads for life and earn a hefty commission while doing so. When you learn how to tap into THIS GROUP of people rather than the “Friends and Family” that more than likely don’t have that “entrepreneurial mindset” we were discussing, your potential is virtually limitless. It’s for this reason that I highly recommend that you do your research and team up with an active affiliate that knows what they are doing, and can teach you these skills with proven training. And once you master these skills, and learn to grow a limitless income with Lead Net Pro (like I have), you’ll never have a reason for Lead Net Pro Complaints. : )

If you are a serious “Entrepreneur” and would like to learn more about Lead Net Pro, give me a ring or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to go over your questions and make sure Lead Net Pro, and our team is a right fit for you.

Yours In Mastery,

Jon Mroz Lead Net Pro

Effective Sales Leads

Jon Mroz

Lead Net Pro Costs - Join NowLeave your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know if this article on “Lead Net Pro Complaints” helped answer your question.

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Lead Net Pro

What You May Have Missed (I sure did)

Lead Net Pro no hypeBefore I get started, let me say that I am not one for income claims and telling others that they can make a fortune with Lead Net Pro by simply clicking a few buttons. It honestly comes down to “Knowing Marketing“. The fact is… I don’t know your work ethic. And when it comes to earning money ANYWHERE… it comes down to YOU setting goals, and actually taking action to reach those goals. Only then will you see the fruits of your labor.

Lead Net Pro Action Plan

With that being said, having a Lead Net Pro action plan, or step by step blue print from those that have already reached their goals and continue to set new ones for massive growth in their businesses can be an essential ingredient to your success.

Lead Net Pro Potential

lead net pro no limitYou see, with Lead Net Pro, there is no top or bottom. You have the potential to earn an infinite amount more than your sponsor, or you can do nothing at all and therefore earn nothing. It really all comes down to your efforts and how you apply the proven Lead Net Pro team training that I have in place for you. And when applied by Taking Action in Your business, there is literally No Limit to what you can accomplish.

Now the real question …

Can You Really Earn A Full Time Income With Lead Net Pro (a simple marketing software)?

I hear it all the time and it’s actually quite funny. When I first started with Lead Net Promy full intention was to ONLY use the software to market my network marketing business. But after testing the software and having others see that results that I was getting from it, I started to get a lot of questions from people. “How are you recruiting so many people into your businesses” they asked. Well, I thought it was only right to introduce them to Lead Net Pro. And after reselling the software a few times, and realizing the potential of the 1-up compensation plan, I was soon earning more with Lead Net pro than I was with my other business.

OK, it’s time to make some decisions and take reselling the software a little more seriously. It was then that I put everything on hold and created step by step training for the team to ensure that if they followed it, they too would see similar, if not better results.

After making a simple video explaining the program and spreading the word a bit, I was able to sign up 4 people my first week in business, and 9 the second. Since then, our Lead Net Pro team has skyrocketed.

A Shot From My Lead Net Pro Back Office

…And this simple (unknowingly) profitable software has turned into $51,600.00 (See Below):

(And By The Time You Read This Post, These Numbers Could Have Potentially Doubled)


Again, I don’t post these income shots to brag or make ridiculous claims. They are here to merely Open Your Eyes to the potential that you have with Lead Net Pro… and this industry in general.
So, do you think that this simple software has some potential for you? And, are you willing to take action to make a change and see similar, if not better results?

Only you can answer that question.

In Mastery,

Jon Mroz Lead Net Pro

Effective Sales Leads

Jon Mroz

Lead Net Pro Costs - Join Now

PS – Leave Your Comments and Questions Below and let us know your thoughts on the Lead Net Pro business.

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Lead Net Pro Marketing System

A Complete Capture Page (squeeze page) System To Help You In Your Marketing Efforts

Until recently, creating and building capture pages was a frustrating task. To help our teammates get thru the process quickly, I created capture pages that were replicated literally enabling you to have a squeeze page online within minutes.

One big problem …

lead-net-pro-capture-pageThe team capture pages couldn’t be 100% customized with your own text, videos, or content. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have step-by-step video tutorials detailing exactly how to get your own customized capture pages online within my team training, but if you’re brand new and not the tech-savvy type like I was when first getting my start, this could be a frustrating task. So, to help the team, I created the replicated type of page… but, the downfall was customization. These pages were great and showed your prospects what they would be getting when they joined you on our team, however… many teammates wanted to add their own customizations to the pages. Unfortunately… that couldn’t be done.

That is, Until NOW!

The Ultimate Lead Net Pro Capture Page System:

Click the expand option to watch full screen (lower right)

The Lead Net Pro Team Capture Page Machine literally enables you to get your Customized capture page online within minutes, enabling you to Brand yourself and get your personalized offer out to your prospects. So, whether your promoting Lead Net Pro, or you want to get your message out to local businesses about what you bring to the table… now you can.

You see, everyone needs to have their own USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and with replicated capture pages, you’ll have a hard time getting your personalized message across. Sure those type of pages are great when you’re first getting started but we, on this team, want you to be able to expand your business to the Next Level, and we want to make sure you have the tools to get it done quickly.

Thousands of dollars… Literally, thousands of dollars went into the creation of this Lead Net Pro capture page machine and you’ll gain instant access to it the moment you get started… 100% FREE.

  • Simply Fill out the Lead Net Pro capture page form as seen in the video above
  • Generate The Files
  • Upload the files to your host. (directions in the training)

Don’t have a hosting account? No problem, use our teams replicated capture pages until your ready to expand.

Yours In Mastery,

Jon Mroz Lead Net Pro

Effective Sales Leads

Jon Mroz

Lead Net Pro Costs - Join Now

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments and questions below regarding the new Team Lead Net Pro Capture Page Machine:



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Lead Net Pro:

A Supposed All in One Software that was created to help business owners market their businesses with ease, giving the user the 3 “Key” ingredients to a successful marketing campaign.

But, are all the bases really covered?

Let’s take a close look at Lead Net Pro and discover the pros and cons by seeing what it really does in this full review.

Lead Net Pro seemed too shut down the competition in the market place with a quickness. As marketers discovered its full potential, it seemed that everyone was jumping on board to test it’s capabilities. With 3 software’s in one, there were hundreds of instant reviews and claims that spread like wildfire to get the word out.

So, what can lead net pro really do for you and your business? Lead Net Pro - What Can it do for you?

In the beginning, lead net pro was launched by software developer Dan Miller. His goal was to create what no other lead generation tool had. Where others lacked a distribution center, Dan Miller added a phone broadcaster and emailer. Now, users have the capability to generate, and distribute where previously they had to purchase 3 different programs to do the same.

Was / Is Lead Net
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Pro A Success?

After 1 year in operation, and still growing strong, many would claim that it’s everything they could ask for, where others do not take so kindly. Due to misleading reports on Lead Net Pro, the buyer often gets the impression that to successfully earn an income using the tool all that needs to be done is click a few buttons. And although this is the case when it comes to generating and distributing your message to potential clients, it is the users responsibility to know how to effectively market (more on this later).

Here is what Lead Net Pro CAN do:

1.) Harvest data (contact information of people related to your chosen keywords)
2.) Create spreadsheets of this date
3.) Enable the user the ability to upload this data into a distribution resource (emailer / phone broadcaster)
4.) Send your message to this data

The user simply enters a keyword (a word related to his or her niche i.e. real estate or mlm) and the software locates data (contact information) related to this niche.

Now, it is up to the user to MARKET to this data.

If you are planning on marketing the software (you don’t have your own product or business), you can choose to resell the software for a quick $300 commission paid directly to a merchant of your choosing (i.e. paypal or alertpay).

So, what seems to be the problem?

Many do not understand Marketing. Although Lead Net Pro can easily gather data related to your niche and send your message to this data, it is your responsibility to learn how to turn this data into customers.

I’ll say that again:

Market Your Offer To The Extracted Data (Traffic)
Convert Data into Customers (Conversion)

Without successful accomplishing these 2 tasks, it’s likely that you’ll fail to see a significant profit.

After reading this Lead Net Pro Review, Do you feel this tool is right for your business?

After testing this software in comparison to competing Lead Generation tools, we found that the software over delivers on its promises and it has been proven to work for marketing leaders and newbies alike. However, without the proper MARKETING training and systems this could be just another tool that sits in your arsenal never getting to see its full potential. Joining a team of successful marketing entrepreneurs who have been through the task of systemizing the sales process for you can be of tremendous value to your quick success.

To Your Lead Net Pro Success,

Jon Mroz Lead Net Pro

Effective Sales Leads

Jon Mroz

Lead Net Pro Costs - Join Now

Learn what the Lead Net Pro Mastermind group can do for your business by providing you with tools, resources, training, systems, and bonuses in this complete Lead Net Pro Review.

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Lead Net Pro Cost

Lead Net Pro CostUpon doing your research, I’m sure you’ve discovered the cost to get started with Lead Net Pro. However, you may be asking – what are the additional expenses involved? Surely there’s got to be marketing costs, hosting costs, domain costs, and a variety of other things that could end up costing you a pretty penny when getting involved with Lead Net Pro… Right? Let’s take a closer look at these questions and get the real insider facts on all of your lead net pro costs and expenses.

First, let’s get in the right mindset of an entrepreneur here. As a successful marketer, when I evaluate an opportunity, I look at a couple things:

  1. Timing
  2. Product – Is there a need for what the company is supplying?
  3. What is the income potential for my teammates and I?

Take a close look at #3. Did you notice how this phrase asks the question of “How much Can I earn” rather than how much does it costs? Now, sure … costs are always a concern, but if the income potential outweighs the cost, well … there’s simply no question. More on this later.

Lead Net Pro Costs and TimingTiming – Competitive products inferior to Lead Net Pro have been on the market place for over 6 years. (I am thinking of 1 specifically right now :). To this day, I speak with people who are still marketing these products and they are consistently bringing in a 5 figure monthly income. Although, they did let me know that when lead net pro was introduced to the market place, they felt the heat. With Lead Net Pro in its early stages (born in October of 2010), the timing simply couldn’t be better. The product is hot, and it is being bought up by entrepreneurs quickly. Wouldn’t it only make sense for them to purchase this product from you?

Now, let’s ask the question – why are marketers continually able to produce huge results (and incomes) with lead generation software and products? Well, that brings us to #2…The product.
You see, Everyone in every business needs leads. They simply need more clients, to bring in more cash for their business. Lead Net Pro simply dominates the marketplace when it comes to lead generation. And, the possibilities you have when it comes to marketing your business with Lead Net Pro are endless.
OK, now that we covered Entrepreneur Mindset, let’s get into the costs. (Yeah, I can get off on a tangent sometimes : )

Lead Net Pro Costs and Expenses

As you know, the cost to get started in Lead Net Pro is a 1 time $397. $97 goes to admin and the distributer (you) receive a whopping $300 paid straight to your merchant account (i.e. paypal or alertpay). And yes, merchant accounts like paypal and alertpay are free. You are also responsible for a $19.97 monthly charge that includes hosting, a replicated Lead Net Pro site, frequent updates to your software, and company-wide training. That cost is well worth it.

Visit the Lead Net Pro Compensation Plan Tab to Learn More about Commission Structure

What other costs / expenses are involved with Lead Net Pro?

Lead Net Pro cost in hostingUntil recently, you also had to purchase a hosting account to get your software up and running. Lead Net Pro now provides free hosting to their members. Although this is great for many, being on Lead Net Pro’s host, can slow your software down. Personally, I still recommend getting a hosting account. This usually runs in the $5 to $7 a month range. Hosting is not absolutely necessary but I highly recommend it, especially if you plan to do some internet marketing. Internet marketing can be extremely effective and I teach this extensively to our team as seen on the Lead Net Pro Bonus page.

You’re also going to want to pick up a domain name to host your software on. You can find good domain names anywhere from $1 to $12 and again, I teach our team which domain names to choose in my exclusive Lead Net Pro Team Training site.

Lastly, although not necessary, you may also want to expand your business in the future and start to automate it by using an Autoresponder. You can get started with an autoresponder for $1 and it usually runs about $17 per month. Is it worth it? Personally, about 80% of my sales come from my autoresponder. So, yeah … I’d say so : )

In closing, I’d like to

state that whether your planning on marketing Lead Net Pro, a network marketing company, a traditional business, or anything online, there are 3 things that I say you must always have:

  1. A Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. An Autoresponder

You can get started with all 3 for under $20 and they will complete your business… That is, if you know how to use them properly.
To learn more about how to properly market your Lead Net Pro business and what the Lead Net Pro Mastermind Training group can do for you, simply opt in below:

To Your Lead Net Pro Success,

Jon Mroz Lead Net Pro

Effective Sales Leads

Jon Mroz

Lead Net Pro Costs - Join Now

PS… What mindset are you in?

“What does Lead Net Pro Cost” or “How Much Can Lead Net Pro Make Me”?

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Lead Net Pro Webinar:

Top Lead Net Pro Team Announces LIVE Daily Prospecting Calls and Nightly Team Training:

Lead Net Pro WebinarIn this brief article we’ll review what Lead Net Pro offers to their members in the form of calls, presentations and webinars. You’ll also learn about our exclusive team training webinars and daily prospecting calls held for members of the Lead Net Pro Mastermind group.

Lead Net Pro hosts weekly training webinars exclusive to their members. In these training webinars you’ll learn about various ways to use your Lead net pro software and a few strategies that other Lead Net pro members are using to either generate leads, or resell the product.

Is The Weekly Lead Net Pro Webinar of Great Value to Their Members?

Many would argue that the weekly live lead net pro “members training” webinars are simply just not enough to help their users. Many marketing strategies are discussed however, with hundreds to thousands of members in attendance, these strategies are often over saturated the very next day as many members are “Copying” exactly what was taught in the training webinar the night before. This often leads to upset prospects receiving the same voice broadcast or e-mail campaign from hundreds of Lead Net Pro members. It’s very possible that you may be a victim of receiving these calls or e-mails yourself.

What Have We Done To Combat The Lead Net Pro “Copy-Cat” Problem?

Lead net pro news webinarSimple… well, I shouldn’t say that “simple”. However, we did find a solution. If you have visited you’ll find that we (the lead net pro mastermind group) likes to automate our marketing by leveraging the power of the Internet, making the most of our time and efforts. Although very powerful, Internet marketing comes with a slight learning curve. For the Lead Net Pro mastermind group to take full advantage of the compensation plan, it is our best interest to ensure their teammates are in profit as quickly as possible.

To help our Lead Net Pro teammates get into profit as quickly as possible, we now hold LIVE Lead Net Pro Webinars, and presentations – twice daily, at 2:PM and 6:PM Eastern. These presentations are mainly there to explain the software to your prospects. In other words… all the selling, telling and explaining is done for you. This is important, especially when first getting started as you might not fully understand the software and it’s capabilities. These presentations will allow your prospects to get all their questioned answered, while you continue to run your business. If you haven’t gotten on a call yet, be sure to jump on a Team Lead Net Pro Webinar by reviewing the call schedule below:

Lead Net Pro Webinar

Exclusive Nightly Lead Net Pro Team Training:

In addition to the twice daily prospecting calls, the Lead Net Pro mastermind group also holds exclusive team training at 8:PM Eastern – Monday thru Friday. These trainings are all about thinking outside the box and deviate a bit from the generic once weekly Lead Net Pro members training. In these trainings, we discuss various ways of marketing your Lead Net Pro business and how to bring in those all-important sales within your first days. One of our main goals in the 8:PM training call is to teach our teammates how to send at least 10 to 30 prospects to the team daily prospecting call, the very next day. There, our “Team Presenters” will do the selling and telling for you, and have your prospects get back in touch with you immediately after the webinar to purchase the product from you. You simply send them to the call, and answer any final questions before they get moving, giving you the true potential of immediate sales within your first days.

To view of sample pre-recorded Lead Net Pro webinar presentation simply click the button below:


As a member of the Lead Net Pro Mastermind Group, you’ll also have a link to this same presentation to send to your prospects. This Lead Net Pro Webinar will be linked to your account so that you’ll get the credit for the sale when someone makes a purchase. It can’t get any better than that :)

Jon Mroz Lead Net Pro

Effective Sales Leads

Jon Mroz

Lead Net Pro Join Now

Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Will you be

using our team’s Live Daily Lead Net Pro Webinar and Presentations to grow your business?

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Lead Net Pro E-mailer

Is It Gone For Good?lead net pro e-mailer

As you may have heard, Lead Net Pro has discontinued the use of their e-mailer.

Is this really a bad thing though? Let’s get a better understanding of what the e-mailer did and didn’t do for the reps, the consequences of using the e-mailer and what our team has done to resolve the issue.

Many have thanked Lead Net Pro for removing their e-mailer. If you have a web site online (in the network marketing niche for example), you were more than likely bombarded with e-mails from Lead Net Pro reps pitching the software or their other affiliations proving the use of the e-mailer a tool for spamming.

Your Host Does Not Like The Lead Net Pro E-Mailer

lead net pro nonoAnother problem that Lead Net Pro reps were facing was that their host would ban them from using their servers. You see, Lead Net Pro held weekly webinars explaining in great detail how to properly use their e-mailer. Unfortunately many Lead Net Pro reps experimented with the e-mailer before watching the training. When a lead net pro rep would spam others, it started to essentially clog up the host and make it so that others on the same server would not get their emails sent out. To fix the problem, the hosting account would simply ban the Lead Net Pro rep in order to provide better service for others on the same server. Seems fair, right? Yeah, I’d say so. The hosting accounts want to ensure that their users have a good user experience.

Our Exclusive Team Lead Net Pro E-Mailer

When properly used, e-mailers can be a great tool. The last thing we want is people on our team spamming others but when you learn to provide value to your prospects and customers, you are appreciated rather than considered a spammer. Getting to know your prospect is essential. What are their needs, and how can YOU help them? This is where our exclusive lead net pro team training, systems, and resources come into play.

As a member of our Lead Net Pro leading team, you’ll receive thousands in training, resources and bonuses to help market your business effectively… providing value to your all important clients and customers. In the end, they’ll appreciate you for what you are able to pass along to them to help them in their businesses. And to help you get the word out, I bought the master resale rights to an exclusive e-mailer for you to use Properly.

Gain Exclusive Access To Our Team’s FREE Lead Net Pro E-mailer Capable of Delivering 20,000 E-Mails Daily

Lead Net Pro E-Mailer

$59.99 Value – Yours Free As a Member Of The Team

Again, this Lead Net Pro E-mailer tool must be used properly as it is very powerful. I recommend only sending 500 e-mails per hour. That will do the job. Just set it and let it run. This will also keep you on good terms with your hosting provider.

Are There Any Other Fees To Use The E-Mailer?

Great question : ) Now that Lead Net Pro Discontinued the use of their e-mailer,

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they now offer FREE hosting to host the software. This only includes the extractor and the phone broadcast system. You cannot host the e-mailer on Lead Net Pro’s servers. This is good news though. This means that the servers will not be bogged down by hundreds of Lead Net Pro reps trying to send tens of thousands of e-mails. Instead, you can host our e-mailer on a clean server with your own IP ensuring your e-mails get delivered to the in-box. I recommend Blue Host has already spoke with members of our team and agreed to let us use the e-mailer on their server as long as we send out under 750 e-mails per hour. It also doesn’t hurt that they are only $6.95 per month. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

The real power of the the Lead Net Pro System comes in when you combine it’s potential with advanced marketing training, systems, resources and step-by-step video tutorials to help increase your sales conversions.

Learn how you can pick up thousands in bonuses, training and resources by joining the Lead Net Pro Mastermind Group. Simply visit the Lead Net Pro System Team Benefits and Bonuses page here.

Did this article open your eyes to the potential that is literally at your fingertips right now? If so, be sure to share it with your friends on facebook above.

Yours In Mastery,

Jon Mroz Lead Net Pro

Effective Sales Leads

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How The One Up Lead Net Pro System Compensation Plan Works

In this article I’ll be discussing how the Lead Net Pro System Compensation Plan works. Specifically the 1 up compensation plan. If you are looking for a complete review of the Lead Net Pro System you can find that at Lead Net Pro.

Recently I have been getting a lot of phone calls from people that are extremely interested in the lead net pro system software, but they didn’t even know there was a compensation plan involved. When they found out about the comp plan… well, let’s just say they got even more excited.

Many people who purchase the lead net pro system are purchasing it for their traditional businesses. Now, this is awesome, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could resell the software and earn an additional stream of income? With the Lead Net Pro System, you can. What’s even more exciting is that the 1 up compensation plan is probably one of my favorite comp plans I’ve ever worked.

Let’s take a look at the Lead Net Pro System Comp Plan Video, and then we’ll write it out below to get a better understanding.

Lead Net Pro System Comp Plan

OK,  Here’s where many will get confused. You see, in a perfect world, you can literally sell 1 Lead Net Pro system software… and retire! I know, sounds crazy, right? Again, this is a perfect world scenario, but let’s play it out.

Let’s get into the Lead Net Pro System Comp Plan Details:

Lead Net Pro System 1 Up CompYou Bring in Joe. Your first sale is passed up to your sponsor for helping you out and providing excellent Lead Net Pro System Training :)

Next, you bring in Mary. Congrats! You just earned a $300 commission from Mary and Mary stays directly under you on your team.

Now, Mary needs to get qualified just like you did and now she owes YOU her first sale.

Mary Brings in Jessica, and Jessica is passed up to you. Congrats again, you just earned a $300 commission from Mary’s efforts, and Jessica paid YOU. Now, Jessica is directly under you in your Lead Net Pro System and she stays on your team for life.

Mary is off and running with her Lead Net Pro System, and she now knows how to work the program thanks to your help and the training that you have available to your downline on our leading Lead Net Pro Team. However Jessica just got passed up to you and she needs to get qualified just as you and Mary did.

Jessica now brings in Steve. Does Steve stay with Jessica? Nope, he’s passed up to you because Steve is Jessica’s qualifying sale. Steve just paid you $300 and is now on your team for life.

Are you starting to see how powerful the 1 up compensation plan is?

You brought in 1 person after you were qualified (Mary) and profited $900.This cycle continues on to Infinity. If everyone brings in 1 person, you can literally retire! However, it is best to continue working the program and create an army of front line recruits. Then, you’re looking at some serious 5 figure monthly cash.

The Lead Net Pro System and 1 Up Compensation Plan are a perfect match. When you use the lead Net Pro System software in combination with unmatched training, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Be sure toget a complete Lead Net Pro System Review of the Bonuses and Training we offer to the Team and shoot me an email or give me a ring to go over any details.

I look forward to connecting with you soon,

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