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An In-Depth Look at Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”)

Hello and Welcome to the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Review Site. My name is Jon Mroz and my intention here is to provide you with the real facts about Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) so you can make an informed business decision as to whether or not this software / business plan is right for you.

And before I go any further, the first thing I would ask you to understand is that the sponsor you choose can make a huge difference for your results.  I strive to provide more help and resources than any other single person in this industry.

With that being said, I’m sick of all the hype and false promises all over the internet and I know you are too! I’ve been tricked and scammed by lead brokers myself a few times over the past few years, and I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you during your review of the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Software and business model.

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Who Is Jon Mroz Anyway?

And, Why Should You Be Listening To Him?

If you’re meeting me for the first time here, you’ll soon discover I’m a very straightforward and honest guy that’s gets to the point. And that’s exactly what you’ll see throughout my review of Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) .

You see, I’ve been a full time online entrepreneur for some time now. I make a decent 6 figure annual income using cutting-edge technologies to build my businesses… and that was even BEFORE I added Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) as one of my main sources for lead generation and an additional income stream.

I’ve reached this level of success by applying systematic business principles and processes to each and every opportunity I take part in. I’ve developed a formula for success that will allow anyone to market their business like a real professional, and thus create true success for themselves, just like l have.

So, I don’t have to fill these pages with any hype or B.S. You’ll only get the real facts about Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) and how you can apply my proven marketing principles to build a 5-figure monthly income for yourself.

In fact, if you’d like to cut to the chase and learn how you can grow your wealth systematically with Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) starting today, go ahead and give me a call…




Why Market Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) In The First Place?

What Made Me Look At This Lead Generation Software / Opportunity Over All Of The Other Ones On The Net?

Lead Net Pro (now \

You may be asking; what is so attractive about Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) in the first place? Why did I choose this software / business model as a primary source of lead generation and an additional stream of income over the other thousands of tools and opportunities out there?

Basically, when the recession really started to hit the world, Internet business skyrocketed. My income REALLY started to soar as there were now millions of people turning to the Internet to find a solution to their financial problems. BUT, therein lies the problem. As I started to recruit Hundreds of people into my opportunities I noticed that these same people were having problems duplicating my success. That simply DOES NOT sit well with me.

As you get to know me, you’ll discover that I simply will not stand for for hyping someone up to get them to join me in an opportunity only to leave them wondering what the heck happened when they got in. You’ll discover how I literally put my businesses on hold and spent months creating some of the most valuable training this industry has to offer… and I wouldn’t stop there. With all of the tools, training and resources I offered my team for free, I kept running into the same question over and over again –

“How Can I Generate Instant Leads and Instant Sales, TODAY!?”

Finding the answer to this question was NOT an easy task, and Until recently I was unable to answer my teammates with certainty.

BUT, I wouldn’t give up. I set course to find the ONE answer to end this problem for good.

I tested hundreds of lead brokers, advertising companies, mass e-mail campaigns, post cards, brochures, flyers, business cards, PPC, PBC, Social Media, Media Buys… you name it, only to end up with less money, minimal results (if any), and no solid answers for my team. That is, until now.

When I came across Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) I was at my wits end. “Here we go again, another lead tool promising the world”. But after speaking with many industry leaders and seeing the results first hand, I had to give it a try.

So, I decided to do what I normally do with any new venture of mine… test the business to see if it produced the stellar results and profitability I was anticipating.

As you’ll soon discover, the actual results of this software far exceeded my expectations. Needless to say, I decided Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) was the solution to the BIG question…

Can You Realistically Succeed Using Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) ?

And, Is This Software / Opportunity For You?

Lead Net Pro (now \

Once I started seeing my monthly income continually increase, I knew I had found something special. Not just because I was successful in it, but because I knew anyone could reach the same level of success by simply applying the same marketing principles that I was.

So, I put my business on hold and created a site of resources and training for my downline members. And so it was … The Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Masterminds Training and Resource Site was born!! It all started with a vision; I had to create the most extensive team training and resource site this industry has EVER seen.

And after dedicating 110% of my life to creating this training site for months with continuous improvements, I think I can safely say that vision became a reality. I’m not kidding around here. You’ll be shocked when you visit the ‘Team Benefits / Bonuses’ page…

Why did I put my own business and just about everything else in my life on hold to create this resource and team training site?

Because… as Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

I know what you want… You want a roadmap, a direct path, a step-by-step action plan to follow that is already proven to create massive success for anyone who simply follows the plan. Who doesn’t, right?!

The Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) Mentors team resource and training site outlines this roadmap and the exact marketing principles, systems and resources that are making my brand new partners full-time incomes right now!

So can you realistically succeed with Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) ? I think you know my answer to that question. 🙂

Moving Forward…

Let’s Get To The Review!


I know you want to know all about the Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) software and business plan … is this a legitimate business opportunity, does the software really do all it’s claimed, and is it right for you and what you may be promoting at the time? What are the mechanics of creating TRUE success with your business if you decide to use this software to create a massive profit center for yourself?

And those are all EXCELLENT questions that need excellent answers. So take your time to review this entire site and be sure to fill out the short form to the right or below to get your copy of my ‘Lead Net Pro (now \”Automatic Lead Tools\”) Report‘, along with a FREE Travel Voucher just for checking it out. You’ll find an enormous amount of information in my free report to help you make an informed business decision about whether Lead Net Pro (now “Automatic Lead Tools”) and myself as your sponsor are right for you.


And if you’re the type of person who takes ACTION in life and you want to partner up with my team and I to make the kind of money you know you’re worth, be sure to take a FREE test drive by clicking on “Learn More” image below, give me a call, or shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to answer any questions you have…

Yours in success,


Jon Mroz
JonMroz@gmail.com .

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